At Brave Ultralight Gear, we create products that help people to go outside and live the best experience possible by using ultralight gear.





For us, it has been always clear that one of the most important things for Brave should be the environment, that's why when we just started the use of eco-friendly materials was always in our mind. Now that these materials are becoming more and more accessible are being established as the main materials in our products. Materials like EPX200, DTS75 or Ultra200 are the core of our products at this moment.

We approached this project thinking of doing something great for hikers in Canada, something cool that really helps people and even encourages people to go outside, but more than that, something to feel proud of. Every single product that leaves our hands after working hard on it carries dedication and the idea of perfection. 


Don't get us wrong. We are not pursuing perfection here, but for us is really important to keep improving. For us, the product doesn't just finish when is ready on the web page, for us all our products are in constant improvement. We are open to comments and even bad reviews because we know that a bad review will make even better our products.



Mauricio Martinez

I've been passionate about outdoor activities all my life. Since I moved to Canada, backcountry has been my biggest passion. From my first Canadian backcountry adventure, I was in love with the whole experience. Since that first adventure, I have experimented with lots of different brands and learned from professional hikers while getting to know the spectacular landscapes of the Canadian backcountry.

Viviana Alba

Along with my business background, I have a passion for fashion and design. This passion was handed down to me by my mom at the early age of 15 when I was taught to be a seamstress, a passion that is put into all of Brave's products.

My experience in the world of customer service has taught me that business is not only about providing a product or service to the market.  It is about knowing our customer's needs and expectations of our products.